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Walker Wood’s Expert Witness credentials

Walker Wood’s resident Expert Witness is managing director Richard Wood BSc (Hons) MRICS C.Build E FCABE LETAPAEWE ICIOB IMaPS who has completed the Legal Experience Training Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence accredited at Masters Level by Edexcel qualification and has experience in the preparation of Expert Witness reports for private individuals, solicitors and trading standards.

Richard is able to draw on more than 2 decades of knowledge and experience as a Chartered Building Surveyor, specialising in determining the condition and market value of commercial and residential property. Richard may be appointed as an Expert Witness by either one or both of the parties (acting as a joint Expert Witness). Richard’s experience includes the preparation of Expert Witness reports and litigation proceedings.

What is an Expert Witness report?

Expert Witness reports are produced to assist courts reach judgment on a particular case. Expert Witness reports must comply with Civil Procedure Rules and be produced by the surveyor, within the boundaries of his/her expertise, knowledge and experience. Critically, the report must be independent and unbiased. A report must illustrate facts and the assumptions it is based upon, and must not omit facts that might be relevant to the expert’s conclusions.

Well-constructed, unbiased Expert Witness reports can assist parties involved in reaching agreement and settling disputes, without the need for a formal court hearing or a tribunal.

Expert Witness and court appearances

An Expert Witness can present the findings of their commissioned report to a court, then be examined and cross-examined by barristers representing the disputing parties.

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